After that amazing Asado Paraguay I did last week, I needed a change. While that Asado was meat-ah-licious…my tummy badly needed a change from all that meat. I wanted something light, quick, fresh and I needed to have the ingredients in my fridge! This broccoli salad was on point! I know not everyone like broccoli, including myself. I won’t eat it in chinese food, even though every time I go to the Skyway chinese restaurant at work, that old lady… Read more »

Who hopped his furry little self into Mr. Pouty Pants life in the most unexpected way. He was wild and lived his life as a free budgie rabbit, for that is what he was! He ate freely of all the plants around the house, even Mr. Pouty Pants most treasured potted plants! He entertained Mr. Pouty Pants as he sat in his office brooding over his next move in the work force. Alas, but sadly George came to a sudden… Read more »

I will be the first to admit, I am a dark meat kind of gal. Give me my Chicken leg or my Chicken wing any day! I do not like Turkey Boob or Chicken Boob! Its always so meaty and I feel like I am chewing forever. I love me some bone on my meat. Why on earth we are having a conversation about Turkey Boobs you are wondering? I started a new challenge at my Fit Body Bootcamp. I… Read more »

I know most of you probably had a visit to the doctor where you literally had to diagnose yourself right? You know when you fill out the online appointment application, there is a section that asks what are you coming in for? So you have to say hey I have a swollen lip or a swollen tonsil or whatever… Hello…that’s why I am coming to the doctor…so that he can tell me what’s wrong. Oh and I love the part where… Read more »

I clearly remember having an Avocado tree in our front yard growing up. An Avocado is actually called a Zaboca in Trinidad. There are different types of course because I do not remember our avocados being as small as they are here in the local grocery stores. I remember the avocados at home was as huge as my head! I kid you not. It was creamy on the inside and sweet. If you were to buy one that is bug… Read more »