Recently I started seeing on facebook the ice bath challenge, the 100 days of pictures challenge, the love your kids challenge and the best one of all the Love your Spouse challenge which I understand you have to post a picture and write something about your other half. Now I don’t mind the challenges or even the chain email things that goes around or even the posts that says how many likes can ABC get for XYZ. What I simply… Read more »

I wanted to post a quick note today about the green seasoning paste that I use in most of my food. It is very easy to make and it stores for up to 3 weeks. Most Caribbean people will season their meats, curries and rice dishes with this Green Seasoning Paste. All it is really is scallions, peppers, cilantro, ginger, garlic, thyme, onions and fresh lime juice to keep the color a vibrant green. Throw it all in a food processor or… Read more »

I have a question. How do parents punish their kids when they are being naughty? Growing up in Trinidad, I can tell you my mom doled out a can of whop-ass weekly! LMBO yes we got ‘lix’ regularly. Not the kind of whipping that leaves marks on your body or that would traumatize their kids as adults of course. We got the kind where we knew never to do that again! In fact in the Islands its quite normal to… Read more »

I finally took on that in-depth dish! Back in the day, one of my friends from Sri Lanka had made this Lamb Biryani from scratch. It was so delicious. I have eaten Biryani since at different places, but some how none ever matched up to his! The meat was tender and the rice was perfectly cooked and the spices he used made that dish so yummy! My sister and I always talk about that. So I final decided to recreate… Read more »

Can you tell its almost winter already? I feel like summer just started and here we are at winter already! I truly do not like fall! Yes the colors of the leaves are beautiful…until you have to rake all those darn leaves up! Back breaking work. Cricket is officially over. I finally get my weekends back to myself. Not that I can do anything outside now. I made Chicken Fried Rice this weekend as my niece was over and I… Read more »