As Memorial weekend approaches we are busy trying to get our Grilling menu together for the holiday weekend and hope that it does not rain, like it has been here in MN for the last few days. Now who does not love a good rice dish? A rice dish is so important for dinners or hosting an event. Have you even been to an authentic Mexican restaurant and had their Mexican Rice? The flavor is so simple and delicious with… Read more »

Hello Spring! Apparently Monday was the first day of Spring! Here in MN, though that is still left to be desired as we usually get a few days of snow in late April just to remind us about who is the boss, Mother Nature herself. I cannot complain about what a fantastic winter we had this year though. Back in November we had 70 degree days and just last month we had some 60 degree weather which for us here… Read more »

I never thought I would see the day that an Apprentice TV character would become the next leader of America the Great! What have we become? I question myself if this is what I want my monster to follow. Do I want her to grow up in a country where women are not respected? Where they are callously spoken of in a derogatory manner by the person who America choose to lead them? Trinidad has its own fair share of… Read more »

Growing up in Trinidad, I distinctly remember my mom and grandmother ‘rubbing’ me down with coconut oil! Coconut oil make that hair shine and the skin glisten I kid you not! The running joke in school was having your hair smell like coconut oil! When My Monster was a baby, I used to be able to do it with her, and stretch her little legs out and her little arms, but as soon as she was a little older to… Read more »

Recently I started seeing on facebook the ice bath challenge, the 100 days of pictures challenge, the love your kids challenge and the best one of all the Love your Spouse challenge which I understand you have to post a picture and write something about your other half. Now I don’t mind the challenges or even the chain email things that goes around or even the posts that says how many likes can ABC get for XYZ. What I simply… Read more »