Update on my exercising…I am proud to say that I am 2 pounds away from my goal. Two pounds! I have seen changes in my body, changes in the way my clothes fit and I have received lots of good compliments on my body in the last few weeks. It makes all the craving for potato chips, rice, hotdogs….worth while! Here are my before and After pictures…Before in the Orange and after in the pink! Now my new goal is… Read more »

Once upon a time…in a cold, cold place…girl met boy. Girl thought Boy was aite (alright). As in all relationships its honky dory in the beginning. The sun is shining, the flirting is great, the shy kisses, the excitement of seeing each other…sigh…ah to be young again. A few months go by, then come the questions, boy and girl starts to get more comfortable with each other. They start talking about past relationships. And come on which middle-aged person does… Read more »

It is so hard to come back to MN and its cold weather and snow after being home in Trinidad for the past 2 weeks. I came out of the airport to a blast of cold MN, winter air…brrrr. I have been asked countless times will I go back to Trindad to live and my answer is always no. Never! It took me 20 years to get out of there…no way am I going back there to live. I truly… Read more »

I bet you are wondering about the heading of my post. Well this past weekend I had dinner and drinks with my gal pals. After dinner we retired to my friends home so that we can work on their profiles as two of them are going online! Now what I have learn’t is that it is really hard to write about yourself. I know most people say it is easy to talk or write about yourself because who knows you better… Read more »

I am happy to say that I am back in the swing of things. I am back in the gym…and I kicked butt today with my trainer if I do say so myself. I will be in pain tomorrow I am sure…but pain is just weakness leaving the body…or so my tariner says! Ha, of course he is not the one who will be struggling up those stairs tomorrow though. I have been busy mastering, creating, testing a few recipes… Read more »