Never negotiate with a child. This is what I have learnt over the years. You will simply not win because they never forget any promises you have made to them. My monster who is now Ten years old, has been begging for at least three yeas now for a dog. Now if you have been reading my blog and following me…you will all know I am a cat lover. The monster was the one who actually choose Knockles to be… Read more »

It sure was a lazy sort of weekend for me. First off my mommy is here visiting with us. Which means, she does all the cooking, cleaning and the laundry. I get to request anything I want her to make! How cool is that! She is here to spend time with our little monster, who is not so little anymore. She is ten now! I remember when she was a baby and I had to get in my car and… Read more »

I have been a busy little bee! From coming back from my Trinidad vacation to going right back out to my out of town trip for Memorial weekend and having to get my garden ready for planting it has been non-stop going. My Trini vacation was awesome as usual, I love going home to my mommy’s cooking and relaxing on the beach. Apparently in one of my previous postings I gave someone the misguided conception that I did not like… Read more »

This past weekend MN sprang its clocks forward by one hour and I have to admit, it was mighty hard to wake up this morning! That extra hour is so important, at least to me. I swear that is the best sleeping time! Come on you cannot tell me hitting that snooze button for 5 more minutes is not the best sleep of the night! I am literally dragging through the day today. I am mentally motivating my mind to head… Read more »

It seems only fitting that I am blogging today from NC, seeing that the Vikings played the Panthers yesterday and got their butts handed to them on a silver platter! Luckily I did not wear my Panthers or my Vikings football jersey yesterday! And yes I actually have both teams jerseys, in fact I have jerseys with each of the teams in the NFL, so I root for whomever is winning that day! It drives my family nuts. LOL I am… Read more »