Have you ever noticed when people see you are doing great they will always try to bring you down? Sadly we live in a world where you simply cannot avoid people like that. No matter how good you are or how good you are trying to be those blood suckers are everywhere! They are like the mosquitoes in my back yard. As soon as My juicy butt goes out there they are all over me screaming fresh blood…buzzzzzed. Yup that’s… Read more »

I know I have not posted in a while! I was away on vacation. Well I was really partying it up in Toronto for Caribana! Saw one of my favorite Soca singers, Marchel Montano live in action. I ate very badly every day, got to hang out with my favorite person and meet a few new ones. In short, blogging was the last thing on my mind! LOL I could totally move there to live, only thing is, I would… Read more »

Who does not love good Chinese food? I grew up eating West Indian Chinese food which is completely different from authentic Chinese food. Home Chinese food is made with browning, which is a thick, dark soy sauce. Authentic Chinese food is made with fish sauce, regular soy sauce, oyster sauce…just mainly different sauces. The two are completely different on every level. While I love my West Indian Chinese Food and will go to any lengths to eat it, I love… Read more »

If you are a mom, juggling a full time career or going to school or a full time parent, then you will appreciate this dish like no other! I can tell you I truly hate coming home from work and thinking about what I am going to cook for dinner, that is hard enough as it is, further more for cleaning up after. I hate the clean up after. Anything to reduce the clean up time I am for! This… Read more »

With Summer slowly meandering into MN at its own pace, folks are breaking out their BBQ grills and throwing meats, vegetables and more importantly CORN on their grill! Everyone loves corn, whether it is roasted, boiled, baked in coconut milk, in a casserole or straight from a can! My family has to have roast corn at every event we have. Traditionally in Trinidad, my grandmother used to just throw it in the fireside. A fireside is just an outside cooking… Read more »