I am on call for my normal day job that pays the bills, this week and weekend. Its one of the only thing that I truly dislike about my job. Actually I take that back, what I dislike about being on call is that I somehow only get paged in the wee hours of the morning. The guys who were on call before my week, did not even get 1 page in the entire two weeks, but I go on… Read more »

Its Summer time…the birds are out, the air is hot and humid, we in MN are complaining about how hot it is, the mosquitoes are out in full force, its like I went to a buy 1 get a 1000 free mosquitoes sale! The kids are out enjoying walking around with their heads hunched over into their phones looking for something called a Pokémon? What the heck is a Pokémon and what happens when you find him? What then? This Pokémon craze is… Read more »

Okay who watches Game of Thrones? I love, love that series, can you tell? I read all the books for it already and then I started watching the series. I must say the writers did a fantastic job up until book 5 which is where George R.R. Martin stopped at. I am patiently, patiently waiting for book six! I will be one of those crazy people standing in front of the book store at midnight waiting for it to hit… Read more »

Have you ever had a Bison Burger? Simply delicious. Bison meat is one of the healthiest meat there is as it is lean and has no fat. There is this Italian restaurant in the skyway at work that makes authentic Italian food. Very authentic, as they are from Italy, they speak Italian, they play Italian music and the food is absolutely amazing. There is an option on their Low Carb menu in which you get 3 huge meatballs with meat… Read more »

We will not talk about the heart wrenching loss of the Vikings game…we will not talk about the freezing cold weather that makes your nose stick together and your footsies feel like icicles! Nope we will not discuss any of that here! We are just going to hold it together until the Vikings take to the field in our brand new stadium in a few months! The first week back to work after the holidays have to be the longest… Read more »