I will be the first to admit, I am a dark meat kind of gal. Give me my Chicken leg or my Chicken wing any day! I do not like Turkey Boob or Chicken Boob! Its always so meaty and I feel like I am chewing forever. I love me some bone on my meat. Why on earth we are having a conversation about Turkey Boobs you are wondering? I started a new challenge at my Fit Body Bootcamp. I… Read more »

How hard is it to go back to work after the holidays? I feel like I need another vacation after the holidays. Since Santa was sweet enough to deliver an Air Fryer to me for Christmas, I am putting it to work! I have tested out fried chicken with bread crumbs on it and I was not happy with the results…I will have to redo that soon. But this Fried Chicken with no breading was so freaking good! I was so juicy… Read more »

I am sure a lot of you have already gotten your Christmas shopping done and checked off your list! I am also sure that most of you like myself, still has to do that yet! Honestly though, this is the first year I am way behind on the ball game. I am usually done with all my Christmas shopping by December 3rd every year. This year I don’t think I started until Dec. 3rd! This is such a busy time of the… Read more »

I have heard so many stories from different people saying they don’t like Brussels Sprout. Mainly because someone cooked it the wrong way when they were a child and now they will not cook it or eat it. Well I am here to tell you Brussels Sprout are super yummy and its quick and easy to cook when prepared the right way! Have you ever tried roasting those tiny morsels in the oven with bacon? How about pairing it with sweet… Read more »

Today I am sharing with you my 5 time winning Chili Recipe! Yes 5 times in a row I have won the Chili competition at work. There are some extremely secretive ingredients in this recipe that I trust you will not divulge to anyone! The secret is…are you ready? Okay here goes….its coconut milk! Yes I said Coconut milk in Chili. The coconut milk adds the creaminess and the sweetness to the chili that tapers off the spiciness. The other… Read more »