Sloppy Joes! So I was invited to a house warming a few weeks ago. One of the items on the menu was this messy burger meat thing that you slopped onto a bun and go to town on it! Usually I am a very picky eater! I will not eat something that does not look appealing to my eyes. I try to eat the same things most of the time. Like I do not like anyone messing with my breakfast…. Read more »

I did not celebrate Cinco de Mayo on may 5th! Nope…I did not follow the rest of the crowd and celebrated like a normal person, because I am just not normal! I am my own darn Diva and I do things my way. Instead I whipped up a Mexican Inspired meal on Siete de Mayo! You must try this Mexican inspired Grilled chicken, it turned out fantastic. I totally wanted to share this recipe with my favorite Pouty Pants but… Read more »

Every now and again I get this feeling of nostalgia and miss my home food, but more importantly my mom’s Curry Chicken. Now that I think of it, in 2 more years I would have lived half my life here in Minnesota. I can hardly believe how fast time has flown by! Even though I have been here this Iong, I still miss my Trini food. I doubt very much that will ever go away. One of my most favorite… Read more »

As Miss Tortoise’s saying goes…When Mr. Pouty Pants gives you Silence you make Chicken Milanese! Miss Tortoise here again with another fascinating story about her very own Mr. Pouty Pants. The story I believe is Mr. Pouty Pants and Miss Tortoise were playing a game of Words! Yes Words, you have to build words out of these little block of letters. Mr. Pouty Pants only likes to play with Miss Tortoise when he wants to, not when she wants to. But Miss… Read more »

The big question…Is Valentines Day a girls day? Is it a Guys Day? Or is it a couples day? Wait who has to buy who the flowers? And who has to pay for dinner or cook dinner! Either way, if you are not in the habit of buying the roses or treating your sweetie or your honey boo in an utterly romantic way this day is your excuse to break all the rules! If you are on a budget or… Read more »