Today it had a wind chill of -25 degrees F. And while on my way home from staying over night at a water park for my little monsters birthday, I had the pleasure of seeing hundreds of die hard fans of the MN Vikings football team…walking miles to the game in this crazy, cold, freezing MN weather! It was the last game being played at the Metrodome before it gets demolished for the new stadium. I said to myself…crazy, crazy… Read more »

It rained all night and into today. I love, love when it rains at night. It is one of my fondest memories of growing up in Trinidad and having a tin roof on our house rather than shingles. There is no better feeling than hearing the rain falling on the roof , at night, getting goose bumps. Of course with all good things there is always a downside, as if that rain continued to fall throughout the night and into… Read more »

Ahhh another weekend has come and gone…it feels like Summer is just rushing by and hurrying onto Fall. We waited forever for Summer to get here, excited about getting my garden started, the start of a new cricket season, I get to see all my friends that go into hibernation over the Winter. Most of whom are West Indians and have migrated from one island or the other over time. So we all literally hide from the snow and the… Read more »

TGIF…I bet you all are breathing a sigh of relief that it is finally FRIDAY! YAY…well now that I am now getting around to posting this Friday is actually almost gone! But I do love me some Saturdays too. Tomorrow is our Caribbean Festival here in MN. And of course since we have to be outside on the river, no less all day…the weather will be 70. Now for most normal people that is gorgeous weather right…Everyone should be out… Read more »

 Whew…I am finally online again! After ages. I hope you like my new page layout and that you find it way easier than the last one. I most certainly like this better and it is easier for me to post to. Its finally Summer here in good old Minnesota, for a while there I thought Father Summer had forgotten all about us. Of course now that it is here…we are complaining that it is too hot. I know you have already… Read more »