This old gal actually made it out 3 times this week! Oh yeah! Dinner one night with my friend, out for restaurant week with the family and hit the club and rolled home at 4 am in the morning! Party animal I am! Update on the finished project of Tuck’s Everlasting house. I think I spent more on buying the pieces to assemble the house than the house is worth itself! She did an awesome job though. She did not… Read more »

Can you tell its almost winter already? I feel like summer just started and here we are at winter already! I truly do not like fall! Yes the colors of the leaves are beautiful…until you have to rake all those darn leaves up! Back breaking work. Cricket is officially over. I finally get my weekends back to myself. Not that I can do anything outside now. I made Chicken Fried Rice this weekend as my niece was over and I… Read more »

I have been a busy little bee! From coming back from my Trinidad vacation to going right back out to my out of town trip for Memorial weekend and having to get my garden ready for planting it has been non-stop going. My Trini vacation was awesome as usual, I love going home to my mommy’s cooking and relaxing on the beach. Apparently in one of my previous postings I gave someone the misguided conception that I did not like… Read more »

Math? Huh? On a food blog? What the heck! Yep Math! Or as we Trini’s like to pronounce it Maths! And yes my niece laughs every time we pronounce it that way. Nope I am not going back to school…as least not in the real way. My niece is in 4th grade and every weekend I sit with her and go over her homework that she had for the week and what is due the next week. I cannot tell… Read more »

Today it had a wind chill of -25 degrees F. And while on my way home from staying over night at a water park for my little monsters birthday, I had the pleasure of seeing hundreds of die hard fans of the MN Vikings football team…walking miles to the game in this crazy, cold, freezing MN weather! It was the last game being played at the Metrodome before it gets demolished for the new stadium. I said to myself…crazy, crazy… Read more »