I must say it takes me twice as long to actually eat anything I cook since I first started this blog. And most times by the time I do sit down to eat, I am either full from tasting or my food is already cold. Ah the life of a food blogger! Between taking step by step pictures, cleaning up after, using 5 different dishes just to get one great picture, it is tiring! I love taking step by step pictures… Read more »

No time to blog and tell stories today! I am busy like a bee…buzz, buzz, buzz. I wanted to post the final pictures and recipe for the Pork Loin Country Style Ribs! They came out awesome like I ever doubted it would! Ha. Have a Happy Memorial Weekend and a Safe Holiday all!

I have never eaten Oxtails, not that I can recall it. Growing up in Trinidad, my family did not eat Pork or Beef. And we only ate goat around Christmas time. I only started to eat Pork when I came to MN. I would like to say its the cold, winter weather that converted me, but sadly it is not. I love a good steak! And I love, ribs, Ham on Christmas morning, pig tails in my cook up rice,… Read more »

You got it! Its a two part mini-series featuring Pork Spare Ribs! I love this cut of pork because it never dries out. I am famous for over cooking my pork chops. I don’t like pork chops simply because its just too much meat! I know, I know you are all saying huh, too much meat? Is she daft? Look I am West Indian! I like bone and fat on my meat. It gives it lots of flavor and keeps… Read more »

When I worked at my first job, 14 years ago, we would order food from a little Chinese restaurant at night. One of us would have to leave to go pick it up as it was too far from work to deliver. We all got the exact same order each Friday night. I kid you not! In fact I had a manger that would always order the hot and sour soup, he could not handle spicy. As a little fun,… Read more »