When I worked at my first job, 14 years ago, we would order food from a little Chinese restaurant at night. One of us would have to leave to go pick it up as it was too far from work to deliver. We all got the exact same order each Friday night. I kid you not! In fact I had a manger that would always order the hot and sour soup, he could not handle spicy. As a little fun,… Read more »

I wanted to post a quick note today about the green seasoning paste that I use in most of my food. It is very easy to make and it stores for up to 3 weeks. Most Caribbean people will season their meats, curries and rice dishes with this Green Seasoning Paste. All it is really is scallions, peppers, cilantro, ginger, garlic, thyme, onions and fresh lime juice to keep the color a vibrant green. Throw it all in a food processor or… Read more »

I am jumping on the band wagon as they like to say…I watched the Chef movie and fell in love instantly! I watched it at night no less and it just made me hungry watching all those yummy recipes. So of course you know I went looking for those recipes. Sure enough there is an app on Apple that had all the recipes from the movie. Now if only we can find clothes and shoes that is worn in movies… Read more »

Okay I am officially tired of winter! Last week the temps actually got to 70 degrees, would you believe it snowed today! Almost 6 inches of wet, heavy snow! So unfair! I washed my truck, I cleaned out the dirty snow mats thinking winter is over, and no surprise we get snow. Do you know how long it takes to get through the car wash in Spring? You have to take snacks, water and a good book because the line is… Read more »

I am continuing on with this Lamb kick I seem to be on lately. I figure I may as well knock out all the Lamb dishes I can while I am on this kick. Ever since I made the Lamb Biryani, I am have been craving this Lamb Curry. It is very similar to the lamb that you use for the Biryani. Its this rich, creamy gravy that you can use roti or naan to sop up all that yummy gravy! Yum-OH!… Read more »