I will be the first to admit, I am a dark meat kind of gal. Give me my Chicken leg or my Chicken wing any day! I do not like Turkey Boob or Chicken Boob! Its always so meaty and I feel like I ma chewing forever. I love me some bone on my meat. Why on earth we are having a conversation about Turkey Boobs you are wondering? I started a new challenge at my Fit Body Bootcamp. I… Read more »

I am once again part of a new team challenge at my boot camp, no surprise there! Part of the challenge this time around is food prepping weekly. Food prepping is a major challenge for me as I like to eat my food freshly cooked. And lets admit it, food prepping a week in advance is a lot of work. I mean you have to have a whole day just to prep everything, your house gets very hot from the… Read more »