How many of you can actually say you drink enough water a day to sustain your body’s normal functions? I know before I did not drink enough water. I would go days without even drinking water. Until the foot cramps got so bad that it hurt for 3 days after. And the headaches that you get when you don’t drink enough water. Our bodies are made up of 60% of water approximately. Speaking for myself I know I lose at… Read more »

I am back from my vacation in New Orleans! I will post pictures of food and the sights later on. For now, I am focusing on getting my butt back on track after eating my way through New Orleans. I am constantly testing out new ways of being able to stomach the juicing. While I love eating kale in everything, from salads to soups, I will admit it is hard to stomach it in my juicing. Growing up we used… Read more »

One of my fondest memories growing up in Trinidad was a drink called Peanut Punch. Now back then it was expensive to buy it in the store. Of course we Trini’s are very versatile, we can make anything we can’t buy! On a Sunday, for lunch this was our drink! It was like getting a treat. Where I am now, they don’t even know about using peanut butter to make it into a drink. Its creamy, milky yumminess! Nothing can… Read more »

This past weekend I hosted a Girls Movie Night In, in which I got to test out 3 new Martinis. Nothing like having the gals test out the drinks! The night was a huge success. Lots of laughter, great food, awesome drinks, beautiful company and a little crying thrown in there for good measure. We had a plan since last year to watch the second part of The best Man, however due to travels and holiday gatherings we were never able… Read more »