Hi All! How was your Easter? Did yah go to Church? Did yah go to the Easter Bunny Hunt with the kids? Now that my monster is a teenager, you know what I am so over the whole Easter Bunny Hunt. This year I boiled 6 eggs, did not even color it or anything, I wrote dollar amounts on each egg and hid them inside the house as it was raining when I did it. When it was time for… Read more »

Its Summer time…the birds are out, the air is hot and humid, we in MN are complaining about how hot it is, the mosquitoes are out in full force, its like I went to a buy 1 get a 1000 free mosquitoes sale! The kids are out enjoying walking around with their heads hunched over into their phones looking for something called a Pokémon? What the heck is a Pokémon and what happens when you find him? What then? This Pokémon craze is… Read more »

So I am doing another challenge at boot camp…no surprise there right? I mean what else will I do with all my spare time. People ask me why I am doing the challenge even though I am already a member and basically get the same workouts as in the challenge. Well honestly, I feel like I push myself more if I am competing. I am in no way a competitive person, but just knowing its a competition, I try to… Read more »

Fall is definitely here! I already have leaves falling from my trees. I dread fall because of all the leaves. I dread having to put on the light jackets in the mornings to come to work…because pretty soon, before I know it I am wearing winter coats and boots! I always try to gauge the first time each year when I actually switch from light jackets to winter coats. Then I wait 6 months to switch back. Anyway no wore… Read more »