My sister and her hubby recently visited on of their good friends on their farm and she brought back the sweetest squashes and a huge Zucchini. Of course I inherited the zucchini since I love making breads with them. They also have the cutest little goats that they use to clear the land with, but all I can think of is how delicious they would be curried! I know that is so bad of me…But I can’t help it! Organic… Read more »

It has been a long week! Every time I am on call for work, I swear the week takes twice as long! And of course it would not be a good on call unless I get paged a few times at 3 am in the morning. A while back I went to a family reunion with Mr. Pouty Pants and one of his sisters brought this amazing Cream cheese grape dessert. Of course I had to have it and put… Read more »

I waited in line at the Mall of America with my Monster, because I love her to infinity and back, for 9 hours, just so she can get a picture with one of her idols! Longest wait ever! Ever since my monster knew what Youtube is she has followed and watched all of this YouTube comedian Lilly Singh. She wrote and just released her new book and was touring promoting the book. So like a good Auntie, I took off… Read more »

Do you have those moments, when you smell a certain scent or you eat something and it reminds you of another time past? With food, this is how my family and my cricket family as well relate to out past. We can sit for hours and talk about what food we ate growing up in the Caribbean during Christmas time or on the weekends or what our mom’s used to make that was so good. When I go back to Trinidad,… Read more »

While I survived the 6 weeks challenge at my gym…I am so sad to say I did not win! Oh the travesty of it all. While I want to scream and say it is unfair, that it is easier for a heavier person to lose the weight more quickly than someone as petite as I am, I cannot complain! The person who won is such a sweet guy! OYE He lost 19 pounds and 4.2% body fat in 6 weeks! Kudos… Read more »