I waited in line at the Mall of America with my Monster, because I love her to infinity and back, for 9 hours, just so she can get a picture with one of her idols! Longest wait ever! Ever since my monster knew what Youtube is she has followed and watched all of this YouTube comedian Lilly Singh. She wrote and just released her new book and was touring promoting the book. So like a good Auntie, I took off… Read more »

Do you have those moments, when you smell a certain scent or you eat something and it reminds you of another time past? With food, this is how my family and my cricket family as well relate to out past. We can sit for hours and talk about what food we ate growing up in the Caribbean during Christmas time or on the weekends or what our mom’s used to make that was so good. When I go back to Trinidad,… Read more »

While I survived the 6 weeks challenge at my gym…I am so sad to say I did not win! Oh the travesty of it all. While I want to scream and say it is unfair, that it is easier for a heavier person to lose the weight more quickly than someone as petite as I am, I cannot complain! The person who won is such a sweet guy! OYE He lost 19 pounds and 4.2% body fat in 6 weeks! Kudos… Read more »

How happy are you that it is finally Friday! This had to have been one of the longest weeks ever! I say one of as I know next week will be twice as long since it is the last week of my modified eating! I can hardly wait. I already have a list of what I am going to eat the very next day after my last weigh in. I am starting the day eating, Chinese, yes Chinese for breakfast!… Read more »

Did you survive Valentines Day? Better question what the heck was Beyoncé’s performance about at the Grammy’s? I mean seriously, is she the first woman to pop out twins? Now Adele, that is a singer right there! Totally deserved all 5 of her awards. Today we are talking about leftovers! Yep and its not even Thanksgiving. How about them apples! So remember when I made those delicious Brioche buns a week ago. Well since I have been trying to lay… Read more »