This post is for our beloved Hammi, the Hamster! He was loved by many, he slept all day, would make a mess in his cage, always throw his wood chips in his food, get wood chips all over the carpet and run on his darn wheel all night to wake the entire house! He had a great 4 years or was it three? Either way it was a lot longer than Frilly the Fish! I am in week 5 of… Read more »

As Miss Tortoise’s saying goes…When Mr. Pouty Pants gives you Silence you make Chicken Milanese! Miss Tortoise here again with another fascinating story about her very own Mr. Pouty Pants. The story I believe is Mr. Pouty Pants and Miss Tortoise were playing a game of Words! Yes Words, you have to build words out of these little block of letters. Mr. Pouty Pants only likes to play with Miss Tortoise when he wants to, not when she wants to. But Miss… Read more »

Is that not a great title to a story? How about a Story! Once upon a time…on a cold, winters day, Mr. Pouty Pants was laying on his couch in his cold, dark man cave, when he received a message from his good friend Miss Tortoise. Miss Tortoise wanted Mr. Pouty Pants to come out and play with her. Mr. Pouty Pants, however wanted to not be bothered while he was watching his very important football game and of course… Read more »

If anyone knows me, they know I don’t like anything sweet for breakfast. When it comes to my breakfast I don’t like change or anything fancy. I don’t want a whole stack of fancy pancakes or jelly like things on my food. I am just not a sweet tooth person. Every weekend or most weekends I try to go out to breakfast with the monster and we go to the same place, we all order the same thing every weekend…. Read more »

What is Shakshuka? No is not a type of dance or Shakira moving her hips! And it is not made with eggplants. Its way more simple than that. Shakshuka is believed to be a Libyan dish from North Africa. I stumbled upon this simple dish while doing research for an African article I had to write for a magazine. As you know from following me, Trini’s are known for their food and we will take any dish and make it ours…. Read more »