I will be MIA for the next few days. I am taking a vacation from cooking! I am turning down my pots! I will be happily stretching my tummy to its limits in New Orleans! Yup, I am going down their with my gal pals for the Jazz festival. Going to have me some po-boys, so be ready for some recipes when I get back! I know it will be very unhealthy for me and I don’t care! I will… Read more »

I know everyone is on the Empire kick since it started back. In the beginning I did not miss an episode myself. That is until I discovered Power! Oh my what a hunk of a man…hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…Delicious. I love me some gangster Ghost! But my all time favorite show is starting back this month…Game Of Thrones. I cannot wait. Granted I have read all 5 books and is patiently waiting for book 6 to be released… I am not… Read more »

Growing up in Trinidad, we ate roti in the morning and at night! Roti is like a staple for the East Indians in Trinidad. Whether you fried it, bake it or cooked it on the stove top or even in the fire pit! It was still roti! Roti is used to sop up any curries or side dishes that you made. Since I work all day and by the time I get home from work its already late and just… Read more »

One of my favorite memories from back home was the smell of my grandmother making Fried Bake and Fried Plantains! Delicious food. There are many variations to bakes. You can make it with coconut milk, yucca milk, carnation milk, you can fry it or bake it in the oven. You can even make it in an outdoor fire pit. In Trinidad we would call this Fried Roti, however most people call it Fried Bakes. The Fried Bakes is used to… Read more »

I love shopping at Whole Foods and Lund’s or Byerlys…I love seeing all those pretty vegetables and the meat market portion of the store, with all those nice cuts of meat just laid out before me! There is something to be said about the way you lay out the food, as most people do eat and shop with their eyes first. Have you ever heard the saying Don’t go to the grocery with an empty tummy? Because everything will look… Read more »