I am going to preface this post by a word of advice for the young men and women out there that is in a relationship or dating or heck even married! If your other half happens to take the time out of their very busy schedule to call you, DO NOT ever ask that person in return “did you have a reason for calling me? OR “what did you want”. How rude, disrespectful and downright tacky to ask such a… Read more »

Ahhhh its finally the day of voting! Everyone and their mama, has to flood your facebook by letting the world know they voted! Is anything kept private anymore? I mean its your damn duty to go vote for someone you think will be able to lead for the next fours years. That does not mean you have to post every freaking minute of your voting process on facebook. Just wear the darn sticker on your forehead and walk around already!… Read more »

This had to have been the first time in at least 16 years that Halloween night was bearable weather wise here in MN. It was a wee bit misty, but heck it was warm enough for the kids to walk around outside. In fact forget the kids, it was warm enough for me to take the kids out without freezing my butt off! In keeping with my coconut recipes, this Coconut Bake is a family favorite. It is actually a Caribbean favorite…. Read more »

Not to be confused with we built a zoo! But I think I walked the entire zoo this past weekend with a power walker! I mean if you are going to the zoo, should we not stroll through and enjoy it, instead of speed walking through like we are on a mission? Don’t you just hate it when you go walking anywhere with them short legged people who like to take big steps and have you running beside them the… Read more »

If anyone knows me, they will know I have a serious obsession with bread! Not just any bread either, I don’t like breads with a hard crust. I don’t like to work for my bread. I want my bread to be soft and fluffy! There is nothing better than the smell of freshly baked bread. In my family it is tradition to bake bread on Thanksgiving and Christmas morning to eat our Ham with. We usually open presents on Christmas… Read more »