Hi There! I know I have not posted anything in a few weeks. I have not had motivation to cook or I should say documenting and videoing everything that I cook lately. Before we jump into the recipe for today…who watches the bachelorette? Besides Mr. Pouty Pants that is! While reading my book last night I happened to catch some of it. Now I do not watch this reality TV show at all. I cannot seem to like it. I… Read more »

There is nothing better to do on rainy days than make bread and sleep of course! The only hitch in this bread is that it takes a lot of time. This particular Brioche has to be planned ahead of time. Mine took a good 2 days. So you need patience. I will admit this was the best Brioche I have made thus far. It smelt fantastic, I mean the smell of baking bread is pure heaven. While it takes time… Read more »

How are your guessing skills? Have you put it to use in March Madness and filled out a bracket or two? While I have never watched college basketball and I still have no interest in it I most certainly did put my guessing skills to use! I filled out not one but two brackets in two different groups! How about them basketballs! I guessed my way through the entire thing! I am doing it just because I wanted to follow everyone… Read more »

I took a wee bit of a break from MN cold winter and headed to Phoenix for a few days. Had the pleasure of staying in one of those older folks resorts…laid in the sun by the pool, drove a ka-chillion hours to the Grand Canyon and played some bean bags! All in all it was a fun trip, word of wise, if you are going to the Grand Canyon, check the weather before hand and dress appropriately! While it was… Read more »

I hope you all had a safe, and amazing New Year! Bring on the resolutions, the diets, the first 2 weeks at the gym, until you gradually fall off the wagon until next year when we start all over again! I have been so lazy about posting recipes lately. I have actually been working on trying to get my videos up and running on YouTube, but I am running into so many little obstacles, its driving me insane. he equipment… Read more »