Ahhh cricket season has finally started! No more free weekends. To welcome our first game in its usual style, it rained, it was cloudy and it was cold. I was out there with my blanket, gloves, winter jacket and my hat! These Shrimp Egg Rolls helped to keep me warm though! Super easy to make. I know I say everything is easy to make right? LMBO Okay, okay  before I go into details about the recipe, I was pulling dandelions… Read more »

When I worked at my first job, 14 years ago, we would order food from a little Chinese restaurant at night. One of us would have to leave to go pick it up as it was too far from work to deliver. We all got the exact same order each Friday night. I kid you not! In fact I had a manger that would always order the hot and sour soup, he could not handle spicy. As a little fun,… Read more »

One of the things that I miss most about home in Trinidad is the street food. No where in the world that I have been too can beat our street food! Yes I am that bias and confident! I remember going out to the club and after the club you would stop on the street to get hot Doubles, Alloo Pies, Burgers, Gyros, Corn Soup! You just cannot beat that! In MN you can only get Pizza Luce which in… Read more »

I am a creature of habit. I am very proud of it too! If I go to McDonalds, yes even a foodie like me cannot resist the occasional fast food…I always get the same exact thing. I have never eaten anything besides the McChicken Sandwich from McDonalds. Same goes for Wendy’s…a #6 combo please. Where is this fast-food story leading to you ask? Well there is this new brewery that opened up here and I have been to it about… Read more »

Where has the time gone! I remember my little monster being a tiny, cute baby just yesterday. Now she is all arms, and legs, taller than I am, with bigger feet. Trying to squeeze her big feet into my size 5 heels and walking around the house asking if she can use my shoes! She has started to let me know she is no longer a child but a TWEEN! She wants me to remove the password that I have set on her IPOD… Read more »