It has been snowing here in good old MN the last few days. Not anything heavy or dramatic that warrants schools to be closed or crazy people stocking up their pantry for fear of running out of food. However, it seems we all forget how to drive with a wee bit of snow on the ground though. OMG it was not even more than an inch or two each day and people drive like they are crazy, first off no… Read more »

Have you gotten all your shopping done yet? If you are from MN did you and your car survive the -22 degree day this past weekend? While I did survive, my poor baby did not…she refused to start after spending the night outside. But Luckily my knight in a shiny white armor did rescue her! In fact he tried to rescue my Furnace when it also went out a week ago. The joys of home ownership never ends. Its like you… Read more »

I am sure a lot of you have already gotten your Christmas shopping done and checked off your list! I am also sure that most of you like myself, still has to do that yet! Honestly though, this is the first year I am way behind on the ball game. I am usually done with all my Christmas shopping by December 3rd every year. This year I don’t think I started until Dec. 3rd! This is such a busy time of the… Read more »

What type of Easter holiday person are you? Are you the Easter Bunny type, with the egg hunts and egg paintings. Or are you the Church going, big meal, no meat, eat only fish type? No matter what type you are in some parts of the world you get a holiday for Good Friday and Easter Monday. Not here in good old America…Nope we gotta work. Now in Trini, shoot…they got Friday and Monday!!! Oh how I miss those days. While… Read more »

At some point we all love to snack. We get the munchies! How we snack is dependent on that sweet tooth right? As I have said before I don’t have a sweet tooth, that darn dentist must have removed it when I had 8 teeth removed at once! That is no lie or no made up story. I literally had 8 baby teeth removed at the same time. Apparently my teeth refused to fall out! Oh did you all see… Read more »