I wonder when it will be Home Cooks Days? I feel like I deserve my very own holiday. I am always in the kitchen, not that I don’t love cooking, its the clean up that is a pain in the rump! I had like major plans for my weekend you know, the thing is once it arrived, I don’t think I got very much done. I seriously need 1 more day in between Saturday and Sunday! I went to a… Read more »

Yep you got it I am about to start ranting! I truly despise people that come out of nowhere and try to take over something that they no nothing about! I mean you just walked in yesterday and you want to change the way things are and make up your own rules? To top that off I despise spineless people who to place themselves in a position of authority! I mean if you can’t make a decision or stand up… Read more »

I do my best thinking and remembering at 2 in the morning! Does that ever happen to anyone else? I remember at 2 in the morning what I have to do, what I want to do, what I plan on making…but come 8 am…its like I cannot remember a darn thing until 2 am rolls around again! I can plan a whole menu and cook it in my head at 2 in the morning, but try to get me out… Read more »

This young body just cannot party like it used to! Yes I said that out loud. OMG and it is only Monday morning. I went out Friday night and then Saturday night I had my Ladies night In event. Two nights of being away from my bed is just too much on my body. I need more sleep. Every few months a group of my gal pals and I get together at someone’s house to eat, laugh, talk about everything… Read more »

Ahhh cricket season has finally started! No more free weekends. To welcome our first game in its usual style, it rained, it was cloudy and it was cold. I was out there with my blanket, gloves, winter jacket and my hat! These Shrimp Egg Rolls helped to keep me warm though! Super easy to make. I know I say everything is easy to make right? LMBO Okay, okay  before I go into details about the recipe, I was pulling dandelions… Read more »