At some point we all love to snack. We get the munchies! How we snack is dependent on that sweet tooth right? As I have said before I don’t have a sweet tooth, that darn dentist must have removed it when I had 8 teeth removed at once! That is no lie or no made up story. I literally had 8 baby teeth removed at the same time. Apparently my teeth refused to fall out! Oh did you all see… Read more »

Is there an acquaintance in your life that is teribbly fake that it drives you insane? And they continue to be fake even though they have pushed everyone away by it? Okay, okay I have a better one! How about that 1 new person to your group who will do anything to ruin what good things you already have? The thing is you can be part of a whole group, no one would like the person and will disagree with how they are… Read more »

I wonder when it will be Home Cooks Days? I feel like I deserve my very own holiday. I am always in the kitchen, not that I don’t love cooking, its the clean up that is a pain in the rump! I had like major plans for my weekend you know, the thing is once it arrived, I don’t think I got very much done. I seriously need 1 more day in between Saturday and Sunday! I went to a… Read more »

Yep you got it I am about to start ranting! I truly despise people that come out of nowhere and try to take over something that they no nothing about! I mean you just walked in yesterday and you want to change the way things are and make up your own rules? To top that off I despise spineless people who to place themselves in a position of authority! I mean if you can’t make a decision or stand up… Read more »

I do my best thinking and remembering at 2 in the morning! Does that ever happen to anyone else? I remember at 2 in the morning what I have to do, what I want to do, what I plan on making…but come 8 am…its like I cannot remember a darn thing until 2 am rolls around again! I can plan a whole menu and cook it in my head at 2 in the morning, but try to get me out… Read more »