Eating healthy is tough! I don’t care who says what, but it is a pain in the toushy! I beg you to tell me otherwise! You all know I started my low carb / healthy eating as of January 6th this year. Well I have kept with my good eating habits for two weeks. I was a good girl…so good that I did not even eat any of my brother’s birthday cake on Saturday that I paid a small fortune for… Read more »

Happy New Year to all! I hope with the New Year it brings each of you, warmth, continued good health, wisdom and wealth! With each new year, it is tradition for most of us to start off with health resolutions. We all make promises to go to the gym more often, we promise to change our diet, we promise to take the stairs instead of the elevator, we promise to lay off the beer…eat less dessert… Last year I started… Read more »

Today it had a wind chill of -25 degrees F. And while on my way home from staying over night at a water park for my little monsters birthday, I had the pleasure of seeing hundreds of die hard fans of the MN Vikings football team…walking miles to the game in this crazy, cold, freezing MN weather! It was the last game being played at the Metrodome before it gets demolished for the new stadium. I said to myself…crazy, crazy… Read more »

I have finally completed my christmas shopping! YAY!!! I am telling you shoping in -9 degree weather is hard work. And for the past 2 weeks MN has been in the low single and minus digits. The roads are a mess from all the snow we have gotten so far. And its not even winter yet! Not technically anyway. I am counting down my days as I go on vacation, not to a warm place but vacation from work at… Read more »

Ah thanksgiving is finally over, I am not sure if that is good or bad, as now I have to start planning for Christmas. I have to start over with the whole menu planning, the tablescape, the table seating…I know  a bigger house with a nice big dining room and an even bigger kitchen would make all this so much easier and nicer…just in case Santa is reading this blog…hint hint! We finally got the whole christmas lights situation figured… Read more »