Ahhh it feels wonderful to actually say Spring! Just saying it makes me feel like planting, sunshine and rain! I actually love the rain especially in the night time to sleep. Growing up in Trinidad the roof of our home was metal with no ceiling so you heard every rain drop loud and clear. Wonderful feeling to fall asleep to. However not good when you had to walk a mile or two to get a taxi to go to school. And… Read more »

This past weekend MN sprang its clocks forward by one hour and I have to admit, it was mighty hard to wake up this morning! That extra hour is so important, at least to me. I swear that is the best sleeping time! Come on you cannot tell me hitting that snooze button for 5 more minutes is not the best sleep of the night! I am literally dragging through the day today. I am mentally motivating my mind to head… Read more »

Once upon a time…in a cold, cold place…girl met boy. Girl thought Boy was aite (alright). As in all relationships its honky dory in the beginning. The sun is shining, the flirting is great, the shy kisses, the excitement of seeing each other…sigh…ah to be young again. A few months go by, then come the questions, boy and girl starts to get more comfortable with each other. They start talking about past relationships. And come on which middle-aged person does… Read more »

This past weekend I hosted a Girls Movie Night In, in which I got to test out 3 new Martinis. Nothing like having the gals test out the drinks! The night was a huge success. Lots of laughter, great food, awesome drinks, beautiful company and a little crying thrown in there for good measure. We had a plan since last year to watch the second part of The best Man, however due to travels and holiday gatherings we were never able… Read more »

Last Thursday a snow storm graced us here in MN. In the Twin Cities we were blessed with 8-11 inches of snow. What a mess! The snow fell all night Wednesday into Thursday, then when it stopped snowing everything froze! So you know it turned into ice which made driving a nightmare. I am lucky to have a big SUV as they say, she is my baby, she does not like, snow, ice or rain. She is a girl and… Read more »