It has been a tough weekend for me. It started out pretty good on Friday with dinner and drinks and great music with friends…then it all went down hill from there. I think it was my own fault of course for being to trusting and doubting myself and my instincts. I usually have pretty good instincts when it comes to people, but trusting someone is a whole other ball game. It takes a lot, for me to trust someone, so… Read more »

The first thing I do in the morning when I roll over, is look for bunny…she is usually camped out in her bed, next to the window after a busy night of prowling. All night she wants to go outside, then let back in, then go back out, then let back in. This is our nightly routine. After I check on her, I check my phone to see the weather report. OYE…can you believe it is April and we are… Read more »

This had to be one of the first weekends in forever that I did not cook a huge Sunday dinner. I usually go all out and plan something crazy, that requires me to be up and preparing and cooking. But instead I slept in till 11am on Sunday morning! OYE…Laziness for sure. The monster does not raise her behind out of bed till after 11 am on any given day unless I go in there and start clapping and saying… Read more »

Pigtail? Really…ewww…I bet that is what you are all saying! My little monster said, I am never eating that! I bet if I curry it and tell her its chicken she would eat it though. LMBO Okay I will not do that to her…as yet. I will wait for a weekend when she has math homework and she goes into one of her tantrums. I am evil like that! Ok, ok, I am kidding…I am not evil…most of the time…. Read more »

Ahhh it feels wonderful to actually say Spring! Just saying it makes me feel like planting, sunshine and rain! I actually love the rain especially in the night time to sleep. Growing up in Trinidad the roof of our home was metal with no ceiling so you heard every rain drop loud and clear. Wonderful feeling to fall asleep to. However not good when you had to walk a mile or two to get a taxi to go to school. And… Read more »