I have finally completed my christmas shopping! YAY!!! I am telling you shoping in -9 degree weather is hard work. And for the past 2 weeks MN has been in the low single and minus digits. The roads are a mess from all the snow we have gotten so far. And its not even winter yet! Not technically anyway. I am counting down my days as I go on vacation, not to a warm place but vacation from work at… Read more »

Ah thanksgiving is finally over, I am not sure if that is good or bad, as now I have to start planning for Christmas. I have to start over with the whole menu planning, the tablescape, the table seating…I know  a bigger house with a nice big dining room and an even bigger kitchen would make all this so much easier and nicer…just in case Santa is reading this blog…hint hint! We finally got the whole christmas lights situation figured… Read more »

Saturday was in the single digits, today was a little better but the wind OYE! And of course this was the weekend we decide to put up the Christmas lights. We have about a zillion christmas lights, and in classic style each set of lights has a few blown. Now if it was up to me, I would happily buy all new ones, but the Mr. he is  Mr. Fixit guy, so…currently our basement floor has christmas lights strewn all… Read more »

It is so hard to come back to MN and its cold weather and snow after being home in Trinidad for the past 2 weeks. I came out of the airport to a blast of cold MN, winter air…brrrr. I have been asked countless times will I go back to Trindad to live and my answer is always no. Never! It took me 20 years to get out of there…no way am I going back there to live. I truly… Read more »

I was the cat’s meow tonight! LMBO I know…what? Well it is halloween! I was cat woman…wait, I was a sexy cat woman if I do say so myself! Ha! It was a house party…but the costumes I saw tonight was awesome! There was an evil Dorothy who looked totally awesome. And there was Elton John, and of course the prisoner with her hand cuffs… It was a fun night I must say…the things you learn! WOW. I made a desert… Read more »