I am in my third week of my boot camp…The running is getting easier, if that is even possible. The exercises, is tougher with each session. I was thinking as time goes on it would get easier as my body adjusts to the work outs. But my trainer somehow finds a new way to torment us each week! It is so hard to lose the last 3 pounds. I feel like I am at a pause in my work outs…. Read more »

It sure was a lazy sort of weekend for me. First off my mommy is here visiting with us. Which means, she does all the cooking, cleaning and the laundry. I get to request anything I want her to make! How cool is that! She is here to spend time with our little monster, who is not so little anymore. She is ten now! I remember when she was a baby and I had to get in my car and… Read more »

It has been raining since Saturday! I am not complaining. I love it. I love to fall asleep to the sound of the rain falling on the roof top. In honor of fathers day I made a Porchetta. Now it is very hard to find fresh pork belly with the skin on. I had to make the trek out to another part of town to find one. When I got home and got my belly thawed out, I found out… Read more »

Okay I have a major pet peeve! Have you ever been in the situation where a friend or family member asks you out to dinner or for drinks. You are both sitting there chilling, talking, catching up and while you are really into your story, the other person pulls out there phone and starts texting, or checking facebook? OMG…nothing drives me more insane than someone doing that while I am out with them. Okay if your phone rings…no worries, but… Read more »

Can you believe I signed up for a boot camp at my gym? Holly Hannah! I got the first day out of the way. The first day is always the toughest as you never know what to expect or how hard the work out will be. We started out with a half a mile jog, followed by step-ups onto a park bench! Very high, especially with my short legs. Then squats. That surely got our heart rates up. Then we did… Read more »