Hi there, I am sure by now you have recovered from your Turkey coma and is well into your leftovers. If you are like me and is just tired of eating turkey from Thanksgiving, then you are going to love this recipe! Wait has it snowed where you are already? Ugh winter hit us here in the Midwest like it was nobody’s business! WHAM, just out of nowhere! It sucks driving in it. I am not sure which I prefer… Read more »

Did you know that you can make a soup out of anything? I mean literally anything! Zuppa Tuscano has to be one of the most talked about soups at Olive Garden, probably mainly because it comes with the free breadsticks and unlimited salad? Give me a good Trini soup any day and I am a happy camper. But honestly you can’t eat a Trini soup everyday. All those carbs from the ground provision! A Trini soup is a heavy full… Read more »

As it gets closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas, I know most of you like myself, will be looking for quick, healthy dinner options. And guess what? I have got it for you. This stir fry was made with a few pantry items and whatever veggies you have in the fridge. My monster did not like pork belly in this dish, as she does not like the fat. If you are like her, use a leaner cut of pork or even… Read more »

Well here in good old Minnesota…we believe in Time-Change. So last weekend we moved our clocks back an hour. That means we got a whole extra hour to sleep in the mornings, never mind that we all still probably wake up an hour early and lay in our beds wondering why the heck am I am so early, and why is it already light out? By the time we get home from work, its dark at 4:30PM. So of course… Read more »

Hi all, Hope you are having an amazing Halloween week! I know all the young people are out partying it up for Halloween and getting up dressed up . Not me…I seriously ask myself how is it that I did that in my younger days? I mean we would get dressed up and go stand outside in the freezing cold of MN just to get into a club, where everyone pushed you around, because no one ever sees the short… Read more »