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I swear writing an about me page has to be one of the hardest things. Its like writing your own yearly review! With all the bells and whistles of praising yourself right?

Lets see…I have been told that I eat popcorn really fast when I am at the movies.

My hands and feet are always cold…always! But that just means that I have a warm heart.

This is all I can think of to say thus far! Hahahah…

Give me a few more days to come up with a fantabulous me page!

Okay so Since I really have no idea what to write about me I shall write about the things I love!

I love my favorite Bunny! Story time…I do love telling stories, can you tell?

This is Bunny.

photo (3)

When we got her from the Humane Society, she was 1 year old and her original name was Molly. Clearly we did not think she looked like a Molly. She does look rather sweet and innocent in this picture does she not?

Well looks can be deceiving! In the picture below I am telling her don’t go rolling in the dirt and come in the house…and what does Miss lady proceed to do right in front of me?

The picture pretty much tells this story.


So continuing on with my story, we renamed her Bubbles, because she was so bubbly when we first got her. However, we soon could never remember the name bubbles…somehow I, yes me…started calling her Knockles. That is her real given Mommy and Daddy name.

She is now 4 years old and through time her name evolved into Knockles-bunny…because my Bunny is a bunny killer…yes sadly she kills any bunnies she come into contact with. And yes she brings all her treasures for her mommy and daddy to see. I would rather not…and I have told her this many times, however she likes to show me she can support herself.

She is a very furry cat. Long, thick black and white fur. That miss lady loves to leave on all her mommies white and black clothing.

Her fur is so long and since she loves the outdoors, she gets groomed every spring! This helps with knotting and fur control! LOL


Above is at the groomers.

Below is after the groomers:


And this is what my bunny does in her down time which is pretty much most of the time except between the hours of 8pm and 7 am, which is when she wants to play and chase ball, and walk and stomp over her mommy and daddy.


She is the master of her domain and she thinks we live in her house!


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