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Hope you are having an amazing Halloween week! I know all the young people are out partying it up for Halloween and getting up dressed up . Not me…I seriously ask myself how is it that I did that in my younger days? I mean we would get dressed up and go stand outside in the freezing cold of MN just to get into a club, where everyone pushed you around, because no one ever sees the short people.

I was barley wearing any clothes too! Now I see these young gals in their small outfits and peep toes shoes with nothing covering their legs from the cold and I literally cringe! Now by the time I get to the club, I am already planning on when I can leave!

And to prove my point, I recently got back from a trip to Vegas with my gal pals…a 3 day weekend thing. There was this one night where we took our time and got all dressed up, all excited to get to the club, check out the guys, have them buys us drinks, maybe shake a leg.

OMG…we got to the club around 11 pm. We had to stand in the VIP line no less, for an hour just to get inside. We get inside and there is all these stairs you got to climb to get to the first floor. Me climbing stairs in my 4 inch heels with flashing lights! I am not kidding you when I say I lasted no more than 10 minutes in there. I got my $25 very small bottle of water, yes there was only bottled water, because these places are all about making money so they had no cups of water.

I told my gal pals, meet me in the casino after you guys are finished being young! But this old gal is going to find somewhere to sit down and take her shoes off! One of them met up with me about 30 minutes later, she was like nope, not for me. The next one lasted a whole hour…and the last one and the youngest…dang that girl lasted till 7am!

When my little monster who is not so little anymore proclaimed that she no longer has any interest in going trick or treating in 20 degree weather…I believe I was the happiest person alive! Its the small things in life!

What is not so small is this amazing Butter Chicken recipe. I actually made this a few years ago for the blog, but now I am updating it with a video attached. Same recipe, same great taste, but with animation added!

So if you like this video be sure to check out my YouTube Channel for more crazy videos like this!

Click here for Butter Chicken recipe.


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