Ah how I love the smell of freshly baked bread! I love it even more in my belly. It does this happiness to my tummy.

I am a huge bread lover, I have made quite a few bread recipes over the past few years and I have loved them all. This particular bread I found online. It is called Windsor bread. I know it looks like a bread stick but it actually is not. In fact the difference with this bread is that it has milk powder and powdered sugar in it. So it is a bit sweeter than bread sticks. And it also takes less time than a normal bread would. So it is a bit more dense.

But equally delicious. I literally ate mine just like that hot out of the oven. But it would be so much better with some butter and jelly!

This is going to be a short post today as I am tired as heck! I have been getting up at 4 am every day to hit the gym. I know how crazy am I really? It literally gets to 3pm and I start looking at the clock thinking when is it normal for me to go to bed just so I can get enough sleep. Talk about old age catching up with me!

I hope you get to try this bread on your own. Check out the video on YouTube and give it a like and subscribe!

Click here for this Windsor Bread recipe.



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