Hey guys!

Today I am sharing with you another amazing deep fried food! YAY.

Who does not like deep fried, meaty goodness with a side of crunch. Speaking of deep fried, have you been to the state fair where everything is on a stick? Well this is my idea of deep fried deliciousness on a stick! just put this Pork Lumpia on a stick and you got a piece of heaven in your tummy right there!

Last time I shared a Crab and Cream Cheese Lumpia, that was kind of a play on a crab and cream cheese wonton that I had. this version is the authentic version made with pork, cabbage and carrots. It is equally tasty and delicious.

This lumpia is different from an eggroll in that the meat is raw and it cooks as it Frys. In an egg roll the meat is usually precooked as an egg roll wrapper will fry fast than a lumpia wrapper does. Lumpia wrappers are really thin so be sure to NOT use egg roll wrappers for this recipe.

If you can find the lumpia wrappers that are individually wrapped, it will save you time and swear words. As the other ones that are all stuck together is hard to separate without breaking it.

Just imagine sharing this Pork Lumpia with a side of beef fried rice and chicken wings! Yum.

If you happen to try this recipe, drop me a comment on how it went!

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Click here for Pork Lumpia recipe.




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