I recently went to an Asian Eatery here in Minneapolis. Its pretty new so obviously I had to go give my blessings on its menu. Actually my tummy had to give its blessings.

I am a fan of anything deep fried and fried rice, so obviously I sampled about 4 different appetizers and the fried rice. There was a snow crab wonton that was just to die for! One of my top new favorite appetizers. But they also had this really strange spring roll on their menu.

I say strange because it was thin and long, filled with pork. It is a Lumpia, that is actually a spring roll that originated from China and is commonly found in Indonesia and the Philippines. It is a savory snack made of a thin crepe pastry skin called lumpia wrappers enveloping a mixture of savory fillings, that range from chopped vegetables to minced meat and like my version cream cheese and crab meat.

The texture is really similar to phyllo wrapper. So it is really thin and delicate. If you plan on making this be sure it says individually wrapped. Otherwise its hecking hard to separate each wrapper. Each package comes with about 50 wrappers.

Another difference in these spring rolls, the pork or whatever meat you are filling it with is cooked in the wrapper as it fry’s.

I made this version with cream cheese and crab meat so everything was fully cooked before filling, however I also did a pork version which I will post soon. But in the mean time if you can get your hands on sweet crab meat this is so delicious. The crispy exterior with the soft sweet filling is just perfect.

It can be made ahead of time as well. I actually made mine the day before and placed it in the fridge and then fried it the next day. Its a great party food.

If you make this be sure to drop me a comment below.

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Click here for Crab and Cream Cheese Lumpia recipe.





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