Do you have a Girl Scout Cookie dealer living in your neighborhood? I have a few of them. One is at work and you just cannot resist buying from them when the come around. I think I spend like $100 on just cookies during cookie season. Yes I call it cookie season.

True story, last year I was in my kitchen when a girl scout rang my door bell, I was doing one of my juice fasts at that time so I was trying to resist any temptation. I swear I hid when the little scout rang the door bell.

Of course lo and behold the monster sees her through her bedroom window and goes to open the door not realizing I was trying to hide from her! Needless to say, that diet failed after that as I ended up buying a few boxes of cookies. And yes it all went in my belly!

This year I had a game plan, I ordered my usual million boxes and decided to re-purpose it so I don’t end up eating all of it myself.

And what better way than to make a cheese cake! And let me tell you, this was one super delicious cheese cake. Those cookies with bits of chocolate was the perfect crust for this cheese cake.

In the video you will see me pounding the cookies to form the crust, please use a food processor if you have one. Cause that shit is time consuming and I think I build some muscles.

Be patient when it its baking. I was not and I kept opening and checking the oven, letting the hot air out. Be even more patient and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours. This was my first attempt at a cheese cake and it came out really well. So stay tuned for more cheese cake recipes.

In the mean time head on over to my YouTube Channel to see what else I have been cooking up.

Click here for Cheese Cake recipe.


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