Well now that my 9 week challenge at the gym is over I can now get back to the business of cooking and eating again!

Lost 14 pounds in 9 weeks! A lot of fasting went into losing those 14 pounds. Don’t worry my tummy still proceeds me into any room I enter (eye-roll)!!!

URG…when does that ever go away! Its so hard being a food lover and eating healthy. I had to limit myself to posting as when I did it would just make me hungry. But now that it is over how about these Greek Gyros?

I actually did this for 196flavors and it turned out incredibly delicious! I made my own homemade wraps for these gyros, because it is easier to wrap my meat in versus the store bought version that would break. I will post the recipe for that later on in the week.

In the mean time head on over to 196flavors for this Greek Gyro recipe and to learn all about gyros! I explain in detail how to make these gyros at home in a few different ways using different types of meat. It is a fantastic article of Greek Gyros!


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