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Today I am sharing with you an amazing Lamb Pulao dish. I love lamb and I love basmati rice. Put the two together and you get one of my favorite dishes. I would suggest for this you pick up a boneless leg of lamb. It usually will come with a layer of fat around the top of it.

I simply cut the fat off the top and cube that up and then slice up the lean parts of it without the fat. This way you will have two bowls, one with the fat of the lamb and the other lean meat.

Now I know what you are thinking, that cooking the fat part of the meat will cause it to be gamey. WRONG! That fat will be cooked and rendered off in the frying process. You will get this delicious, fried morsels of lamb. This is why you have to separate it when you cut it up.

Cooking Basmati rice is tricky, at least for me. I go with the 2-1 ration. So 2 cups of rice to 4 cups of broth. Bring it to a boil, lower the heat and cover. Don’t open it until the 20 minutes is up or you will release all the steam and you will end up with unevenly cooked rice.

This rice dish goes really well with some sort of curry or lollipop lamb chops!

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Click here for Lamb Pulao recipe.

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