Have you guys heard about that polar vortex that hit the Midwest? Well guess what? That was freaking MN. First it started off with freezing rain, they we hit -50 degrees to freeze your face off, then it snowed a billion inches on top of the ice, then it warmed up to 40 degrees and then it froze again and snowed again!

Talk about a miserable January and February and its not even over yet! I mean the first sign of snow or rain and people drive like they are crazy, just imagine how they were driving those past few weeks! The tow companies and mechanics are getting their pennies worth for sure.

I have also been doing this intermittent fasting for the past 5 weeks. Its crazy how much my life revolves around food! I am okay until like 11 am and then people at the office start eating their lunches and I am like dying over here. After my fast is done I will write a post about how it went, pros and cons.

But in the meantime…I am inhaling this Japanese Chocolate Raspberry Swiss Roll Cake!

This cake only has 1/2 cup of cake flour. The fluffy texture comes from beating the eggs. So don’t skimp on that step. Of course I made this while fasting, so to me or my mind, this is a healthy cake!

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Click here for Japanese Chocolate Raspberry Swiss Roll Cake recipe.


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