I am so sorry to the folks that are trying to eat healthy and here I am tempting you with these nice looking muffins. I mean look at it! Its freaking drool worthy right? Its light, airy and moist.

There will not be any choking down of these muffins. They are just that moist. I don’t usually make desserts. I am just not a sweet tooth kind of gal. I am a spicy kind of diva. But I have been wanting to try my hands at muffins for a wee bit now.

Of course I choose the one weekend that we have a cloudy, dreary day to make this video. So sorry about the lighting. I swear it was about 11 am in the morning when I started to make these.

In the video you will see that I used my hands and muscles to cream together every thing. But please feel free to use a hand mixer. I was trying to get a workout in without having to go to the gym so I can eat these muffins guilt free.

Super simple recipe, if you can’t find wild berries, use blueberries. Wild berries are just smaller. I think having the cream cheese cold will be easier to handle. Make up a batch of these for your kids  or your office next potluck.

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Click for Wild Berry & Cream Cheese Muffin recipe.



One thought on “Wild Berry & Cream Cheese Muffins

  1. Urban @ urbanskitchen.com

    That’s just not right for a January post, fostering dietary temptation with those Muffins! Not right at all! Should’ve relegated to a February post after most have given up on their New Year Resolutions to eat, get healthy and stay clear of tempting Carbs. I just can’t help imagining a most nefarious grin on face while was making these Muffins knowing full well how tempting these Muffins will be two weeks into the New Year.


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