If anyone has been to Trinidad especially around carnival time, then you would have eaten this Pelau, in addition to doubles, callaloo and crab or crab and dumplings.

Callaloo and crab is considered the national dish of Trinidad, but a Trini Pelau is considered the national dish of a Trini lime! I have made this dish before on the blog and it was actually the first video I did for my Youtube Channel. Of course back then I was a rookie and had no idea how to get the steam off my camera and we won’t mention the bad angle of the camera.

I wanted to redo this recipe as it is a staple in my recipes. I make this whenever I need a quick one pot meal. You can use pigeon peas or you can use black eye peas. Anyone of the two will work just as well.

When we would go to the river or to the beach to make a cook, this or fish broff (broth) was a must cook.  Fresh coconut milk will make this dish over the top!

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Click here for Chicken Pelau recipe.


One thought on “Chicken Pelau with corn

  1. Urban @ urbanskitchen.com

    Saw the video already on your channel. Will put it on my menu for end of this week, because I never usually know what I’m going to cook exactly. Plus I haven’t actually had some Pelau in quite a long while. And it’s an excuse to break out that Dutche Pot i hadn’t seen in a long time also.


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