This Stew Chicken is not to be confused with the American Chicken Stew. Two completely different dishes.

I was looking through my videos on YouTube…yes occasionally even myself look at my videos. I realized I have not posted one on Stew Chicken. How could that be? Stew Chicken is one of the most popular dishes in Trinidad. Without it we won’t make it through Carnival and many Sunday dishes!

Its the beginning of any Trini Pelau, another important dish in Trini culture. I have no remedied that. This Stew Chicken gets its color from browning sugar in oil. It does not use the browning in a bottle or soy sauce.

It is not sweet either because of the sugar, the sugar is actually melted and cooked beyond caramel flavor, but not burnt. If the chicken tastes burnt, then you browned the sugar too much. Once you have mastered the browning of the sugar part you will be amazed at the delicious chicken you have just cooked!

Make sure to look at the video prior to trying to make it. It shows you all the steps and what color to look for when you are browning your sugar.

Click here for Trini Stew Chicken recipe.


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