Who is happy to not be seeing all those political ads on TV anymore? I check it one night, there was at least 5 political ads in between each commercial. I am so tired of people on my facebook feed ranting about politics. We all want 2020 to come quickly, but I really don’t like seeing that stuff first thing in the morning.

Whats even worst, is when you go out and people dominate the conversation with talks of politics! It drives me insane. So to wrap this up…I am happy that elections are over!

Okay now that my rant is over, lets dive into this amazing recipe! I am always looking for a healthy option that will fill me up. And this Lasagna hit the ball out of the park! Its filling, its delicious and it has meat!

You will not miss the pasta in this dish trust me. This dish a like a main meal, just pair it with a salad and you have dinner and lunch.

The trick to this dish is to make sure you have very ripe plantains. the blacker the skin on the plantains, the sweeter it will be. Another tip, boil the plantains with with the skin on, it is way easier to peel and it won’t be watery.

Make the meat sauce however you like it, meaning use your preferred meat, like I used half Italian sausage. Use your favorite cheese as well. I even used the meat sauce like a sloppy Joe and ate some of it that way. I love sloppy joes! Another useful tip, allow the lasagna to cool a little before cutting it to get nice square pieces.

The original recipe for this is curtesy 196 flavors.

Check out the video for it below and be sure to hop on over to my Youtube Channel and subscribe for more great videos like this.

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