I know you guys must think I have a lot of time on my hands if I am sharing two recipes back to back!

I actually made this Yuca Patty last week for a friend of mine at work who was hosting a Halloween party last weekend. So I made it ahead of time and froze it and then he thawed it out on the day of his party and baked it in the oven for about 30 minutes.

So this is definitely one of those recipes that you can make ahead. It really is a tasty dish!

Yuca is a root vegetable and yes the local grocery stores do carry it. However if you happen to have an asian market around, they usually have the pre-cooked frozen yuca which is ideal for this dish. I have made this before on the blog, this is a bit different in maybe 1 – 2 ingredients.

Can you make this with mashed potatoes? Yes of course. But you will taste more of the potato than the filling. Whereas with the yuca it is not as noticeable.

Give it a try and judge for yourself.

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Click here for Yuca Patty recipe.


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