So I usually try to not write about politics or about personal issues on my blog. Trying to keep it PG and not about life’s issues…other than the raking of the leaves issue of course.

But I am rather curious to hear other people’s view on this. I recently had an issue where someone kept asking me out at work via email. So I would get an email every day asking me out to lunch. This went on for a few months. So it would be he would email me lets say today and I would not respond for about 3 days, granted where I work you can see if that person is online at their desk. So he was aware that I was at work and getting his emails.

My thinking is that if i did not respond to you, then that is an automatic no i am not interested. Apparently that does not mean no. I finally responded saying hey I am not interested, I have a BF. That at least should have meant NO right?

Well it got to the point of me having to go to my manager who then filed a complaint with HR. As that is our company’s policy. I was not angry or upset or afraid of this person. I simply did not want to go out or have lunch with them. And I did not want to make an uncomfortable situation more uncomfortable by being mean and aggressive.

Anyhoo, HR got involved and you know what is weird? He said to me that is not sexual harassment. Now I am not going to agree or disagree with that statement because honestly I have no idea what sexual harassment entails! And that is my question. What does it mean?

And while you ponder on that, I am going to share with you one of my most favorite recipes or dishes. Curry Stew Conch, for when you cannot decide if you want curry or stew to eat.

There is a fine line between getting this dish correct. If you burn your sugar too much then you will ruin the taste of the dish. You must know when to add the curry to the sugar. Of course that is the only reason i made a video of it for you! Cause I am cool like that. I know when to add curry to my stew, but not what is considered sexual harassment!

Be sure to head on over to my YouTube Channel for more awesome recipes like this!

Click here for Curry Stew Conch recipe.


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