Well we have not seen the sun here in Minnesota for like 3 days. Of course I should not be complaining because I actually love when it rains and there is a massive hurricane in Florida.

However this is that time of the year once again when I have to rake up a zillions bags of leaves. Not fun. I just think about all that time I waste every year raking up leaves. I could so be laying on my couch neflixing and chilling.

Funny joke, I got some new neighbors this past Summer and lucky for them there are no trees in their yard so they don’t have to worry about picking up a 100 bags of leaves….or so they think!

I was out mowing my lawn earlier this week and I saw one of the neighbors outside sucking up leaves from their yard with this thingy…you know what I am talking about. And I could not help but chuckle because dude has no idea just how many times he will be doing that cause all the leaves from my yard blows into his. Of course all the other neighbors leaves blows in to my yard too! Its a vicious cycle. A funny vicious cycle until l have to haul out 24 bags of leaves to the curb.

So as everyone knows I do a few recipes every month for 196flavors and this month in case you have not figured it out yet, This month we are doing Cuba! How awesome was that Cuban black beans and rice? If you missed it, be sure to check that out.

This week I did Ropa Veija and guys it did not disappoint! Have you ever heard about a dish called old clothes? Well this is it! Ropa Veija is actually commonly known as old clothes! You want to know why well heck head on over to 196flavors to find out! I got the whole history and stuff written up over there.

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When you try this Ropa Veija, pair it with the Cuban Black Beans and Rice. They go great together!


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