I know a lot of us loves a good one pot dish. Especially people who are busy and just do not have the time or need to get home from work, and start cooking 3 different pots at the same time.

Well I have a great one pot rice dish for you today! Cuban Black Beans and Rice!

Not only is this a hearty meal on its own, it can be made ahead of time and served at room temp. I love a good rice dish. It serves so many purposes and save time. If you have pot luck at work, what a great dish to throw in the crockpot and take to the office.

You could also use canned beans for this dish. I made the video of how I did my black beans and rice below. For this recipe though head on over to 196flavors and learn more about the history of this Cuban dish and how it came to be. It is quite an amazing story.

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