From one extreme to the other. From Oxtails in Spain to Cookies and Cream Cake in cold, rainy Minnesota! That is how I roll.

Who else watches these cooking videos on youtube or facebook and say to yourself, I could make that! Look, the people who make those videos make it look incredibly easy! Until you have to do it yourself and you find sticky milk all over the kitchen or your hair for days!

I can spend hours on youtube or facebook watching and thinking up new ways to make my videos.Well the other day I was on facebook watching one of those said videos and I came across this particular recipe. I have done 2 other ice box cake recipes on my blog before. Just click on the recipe link to check those out.

Those two came out great. So when I saw this one I thought for sure I could do that! So I set about trying to make this awesome recipe. First off I know for a fact I have seen dulche de leche at the grocery store before. Well lo and behold, there was none to be found at any of the stores around me! Okay plan B. I looked up how to make it online, one person suggested popping a can of condensed milk in the oven for 1:30 mins, submerged in water.

Okay simple enough, I could do that. What they did not say was that the can kept getting bigger and bigger in the oven and for fear of it exploding everywhere, I removed it maybe a little to soon.

Once it cooled enough to pry open, It was Caramel and brown enough for me. If you are going to make this recipe, follow a proper recipe or try to find the actual pre-made dulche de leche. It out there!

Anyway, a few hours after making this and I am ready to test it out. I am going to confess I am not a sweet tooth person. Nor do I do dairy or any thing ice cream related. This dessert was freaking sweet! This is definitely for the sweet tooth people out there. Just when you are serving this, remember small doses!

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Click here for this sweet ass Cookies and Cream Cake recipe.

One thought on “Cookies and Cream Cake

  1. Urban @

    You should write a blog post about how it’s not always as easy as it looks to make the things in them videos you watch for hours. However, this post was entertaining to read. You surely don’t want to blow up a can of Condensed Milk in a very hot oven!

    Anyway, out of curiosity to your blog post here and to see if I could help I decided to participate in an exercise to look thru my collection of cook books and see if any has a recipe for “dulche de leche”. In my cookbook “My Paris Kitchen” by David Lebovitz (great chef) he has 2 recipes relating to using dulche de leche. In notes he mentioned that he already has a recipe on his website. I looked it up and it’s linked here:

    It appears you were suppose to pour the Condensed Milk into a shallow container, in a hot water bath in the hot oven. Not the entire sealed can. Seems like I now know how to make “dulche de leche” as well.


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