I have been on this crazy fish kick lately. Not just any fish, and no its not Salmon, I honestly do not like salmon fish. A few years ago I tasted Barramundi fish for the first time. If you have not had this fish, and you are a picky eater, I urge you to give this one a try.

And why would you just run out and buy this expensive fish you ask? Well hear me out…first off it is a delicate, light, flakey, sweet fish. It is NO WAY fishy.

I have tried it, fried, curried, grilled and steamed. It is delicious any way you cook it. The down side is that it is $12.99 per pound at least in MN it is. And I don’t always get it.

For the last month I have been making it lightly dusted in flour and fried crispy. I eat it with tacos, or with roasted potatoes or even rice. My monster was over the other day and I made this fish a day before I needed to head to NC for a work meeting. I mentioned to her that it will have fresh seafood there as its is close to the ocean.

Her response was then why did you making us eat fish for a whole month! I guess she is fished out!

So if you have not eaten this fish before, go check it out! Its dah-licious. Oh and like always remember to pop on over to my YouTube Channel and subscribe to see more awesome videos!

Click here for Pan Fried Barramundi Fish recipe.


One thought on “That time I ate Fish for a month…

  1. Urban @ urbanskitchen.com

    Been literally eon years since I’ve last had it and that was with an older sister of mine from St.Vincent that made it for Sunday dinner. I don’t think I’ve seen that fish anywhere that I can remember or in Pittsburgh where I’m at either. I actively check out the fish counter just to always know what they have and what’s new. Never that fish. However at that price it’s about the price of Farm Raised Salmon. I like Salmon and much prefer to only buy Wild Salmon, Wild any fish rather vs anything farmed. Yeah good fish is not cheap to get when not close to ocean either. But I ocassionally but Chilean Sea Bass which is 2x the cost of that. And I think Tuna at my shopping place is around $24 per lb. We have a downtown big Local Fish Market that’s been around quite a very long time and I never see them carry Barramundi Fish. You certainly didn’t mentioned that you have tried Baking the fish though as one the options.


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