Every time I go back home to Trinidad, one of my most favorite things to eat is a Roast Pork Sandwich. I have never been able to master how Trini’s make their roast pork. It does not help that everyone has a different process either.

One of my fondest memory is every Friday buying a roast pork sandwich from the neighborhood bar (rum shop). The lady that owned it only made it on Friday and Saturdays. I believe she fried her pork pieces and smothered it in the best sauce ever!

I was finally able to find a butcher close to my house that I can order a whole hogs leg. It takes a few days to get it but at least I know its fresh and not frozen for months. The marinade for this hog leg is so simple and you probably already have all the ingredients in your pantry. What’s the catch to this delicious roast pork?

It takes time to cook. My hog’s leg was 10 pounds and I cooked it for about 4 hours on the charcoal grill. It is important to get a leg that has skin and fat on it. The fat keeps it juicy and who does not love a crispy skin?

I made a video of this to show you exactly how to do it. Head on over to my YouTube Channel for more recipes like this and be sure to subscribe to get it right away in your in box.

Click here for Roast Pork recipe.


One thought on “Roast Pork

  1. Urban @ urbanskitchen.com

    My late Grandmother & Grandfather both when I was growing up had one those neighborhood stores and yes, it was also a Rum Shop but they didn’t exactly have Pork Sandwich’s like that. They had a bakery and did have Pork Bread though and both Ham and Cheese Sandwiches. I did see the YouTube vid and liked it. Was simple enough. I’ve always thought of cooking a Pork Leg or Butt, but it just hasn’t happened yet.

    The delicious vid did remind me that I need to sometimes. I’ll probabky do it in the oven on low heat when I do as I don’t own a grill and no real grill space outside to do any grilling. After watching the video though yesterday the thought marinated in back of my mind till this morning just thinking and wondering if some “Cloves and or Allspice” couldn’t be added for this long slow roast. As well how would that change the flavor. I’m sure it would be great as well. Or maybe that’s just my recipe flavor profile I’d like to see. Allspice is very Caribbean we all know, but I do think Cloves as well if was added or grounded and added. I know it’s an extremely powerful spice in flavor. But it’s so rich in flavor. I also wonder why in so many recipes I see everywhere in slow long braises or roasts that spice isn’t anywhere in sight. As I remembered my kid days when my Auntie the Kitchen boss cooked she often, maybe not always, but often used Cloves along with many the other spices in roasts and braises. So, it has often crossed my mind well over the years whenever I see, read, watch recipes and thinking of the ingredients for flavor. Hmm, missing a little Allspice. Yet hmm, why no Clove maybe? Or am I the only person that seems to ever notice that?

    I think the other reason haven’t cooked a Pork Butt or Leg to roast is that it’s huge, small one is hard to find, and I’m the only one in my house to eat or dine on it. Always think of cooking one and take to office picnic. However, I think a good question though is with the leftovers of pork leg, what dish do you really lol those leftovers into or make as a dish with the leftovers? Because that’s a huge chunk of meat that I’m sure is not consumed in one or two settings.


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