I have been missing in action again! I feel like lately most of my posts start with that sentence. This time I seriously have a legitimate answer, maybe?

One of my very long time school friend’s from way back in the day…like 20 something years, came to visit me with her two little kids. Well they are not so little, one is 10 going on 15 and the other is 7, who reminds me of the Tasmanian Devil. Not kidding. First off he can talk your ear off and second he never sits still!

I so wanted to put my Fitbit on him and see how many steps he racks up in a day. Super smart kids though.

Although I loved seeing and hanging out with my friend for 2 weeks, I was exhausted. I literally had no energy to cook, further more to blog. They are also serious vegetarians, like not even eggs! That was a challenge by itself. My friend also has a shopping bug, in that she had to have been the slowest shopper in history! This coming from a gal who does not like shopping or malls.

Needless to say I barely survived. I sure do appreciate my quiet, moody teenager more now.

During all that time, my garden has been thriving! I usually plant like 20-25 trees of egg plants every year, because I roast them and store them in the freezer for use during the winter months. I harvested my first two babies this week and decided to make an Eggplant lasagna since I am trying to lessen my carb in take. What is it about when I want to try to eat healthy, thats when I want to eat pasta? I don’t usually eat pasta to begin with.

This dish was a pleasant alternative that won’t have you missing your carbs! I promise, the sauce in this dish is to die for! I really wanted a bread stick to sop the sauce up.

The trick to this dish, is to make sure you get as much of the water out of the egg plants as you can and grill instead of fry it. Don’t worry if you think after grilling that it still looks raw, it will bake in the sauce and cook through and become tender.

Although I did not do a video of this dish, you can still pop on by my Youtube Channel and see whats new over there!

In the meantime, check out the recipe for this Eggplant Lasagna.

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