Is everyone watching the Soccer World Cup? Its kind of hard to watch it when it starts at 4 am here, but I trying to catch the highlights after work. I don’t have a favorite team per se. I am hoping one of the under dog teams come out on top.

Someone said lets do a bet that every time the players fall down injured we needed to do squats. I kept thinking omg I will be doing squats till the next World Cup rolls around in 4 years!

Today I am sharing with you a post that I collaborated on with This month they are traveling to the beautiful country of Cambodia. Not many people have heard about Cambodia, but it is nestled between Vietnam and Thailand. So their cuisine is heavily influenced by asian flavors.

Fish cakes is one of those universal appetizers that most every country has its own version. In Trinidad we use salted cod and add flour to ours. Its called fritters.

Cambodia’s version is different in that it does not use any binding agent. so its all fish. However, I promise you it is not fishy at all. The combination of all the ingredients masks the fish flavor.

Head on over to 196 flavors to read about the history of fish cakes and for the recipe.

Check out the video below and head on over to my Youtube Channel for more great recipes!



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