The first thing I do each morning when I wake up is turn on the news, while I convince myself that working is important and that the only way I can live the life of luxury (not really) is if I drag myself out of bed every day and put on my big girl clothes and speed to work.

Last Friday, flashing across my TV screen I distinctly saw breaking news. I can’t see worth a darn without my glasses, so I am thinking ok great which country are we at war with today.

Imagine my shock to see one of my favorite food stars had committed suicide. I am an avid follower of Anthony Bourdain. I love his CNN travel show to different countries and different view on food and their structure. I simply could not believe it!

I mean, I just saw him on Sunday for that weekends No Reservations! The food world will miss him, his drinking and his sarcasm. This right after the death of Kate Spade. I am not a purse or bag type of person. Like I know many, many women who has, lots of bags and purses. I have maybe 5 in my possession and I seriously only use 1 or 2…because I hate switching everything over. But I am a foodie gal and I will miss Anthony Bourdain.

I remember how excited we all were to watch the episode when he went to Trinidad. Our little island getting this kind of recognition. Especially when we are known for our love of food.

Speaking of food…I am sharing with you a quick, juicy recipe of Asian Marinated Grilled Chicken. Perfect for BBQ’s or on the stove top if you have a grill pan like I did because it is always winter in MN.

The longer you marinate the meat for the yummier it will be. But of course you all knew that already! And yup you guessed it, I made a video.

Remember if you like or heck if you don’t like the video still head on over to my Youtube Channel and subscribe and give it a thumbs up!

Click here for Asian Marinated Grilled Chicken recipe.





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